Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How To Get AT&T Ringtones To Your Phone

ATT Ringtones are available from their website. They have free ringtones as well as ringtones that need to be paid for. Just Google ATT Ringtones and then pick ringtones, then listen to the different choices.

In order to use their service, check into the phones that work with their ringtones, look at the list that can be found on the compatible phones page on the web site. See if your phone is on the list, if it is then you know that the phone does works, yo are then ready to go to media mail.

Ringtones is a fun way to know who is calling. It is a tune that plays when you get a call and a person can decide what ringtone he wants for each person that calls.

ATT has three types of ringtones: monophonic, polyphonic, and Super Tone. The model of your phone will determine which one works. Another nice feature is a person can listen to the AT&T Ringtones first before choosing.

All people can get ATT Ringtones if their phone is compatible. An ID and password are also needed which you can get with an account. All one needs is text messaging for ringtones that are monophonic or media net for all the other types of ringtones.

If you have speakers and a sound card on your PC you can listen to the tones before you buy them. Clicking the hear button next to the ringtone will enable you to hear the tone before purchasing. This way you will not buy something you do not like.

When looking at the website you can go to your phones manual and it will give you instructions how to download. Just click on the phone and device section to find your manual. If you have many contacts you can add ringtones to each contact that is stored in the phone.

The way to download ATT Ringtones will be in your instruction book. A person will not want to miss out on ATT free ringtones. Just Google ATT free ringtones and click the web site. If you have a phone that is compatible, a person can download free ringtones and enjoy them.

There is a lot of choice in ringtones. When a person goes to their web site there is a list of popular tones, new tones, Irish traditional tones, Arabic, perfect ring tones, baby rap new version, holiday, hip hop, jazz and the list keeps going on. People can find most anything they want by searching the web site.

Adding At&t Ringtones provides fun on the phone. It is also an easy way of knowing who is calling when added to the contact list. It s easy to get on ATT website and find the ringtones. They tell people what to do and how to get started.

The important thing to do is be sure your phone is compatible and then have fun listening to many different ringtone choices. The hardest part of getting ringtones is to pick the ones people like because there are so many choices. Once you make a selection then download and have fun.

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